Monthly Archive: November 2019

Download Android Action Games Metal Soldier

[Android] Metal Soldier

Download [Android] Metal Soldier After the outbreak of war, the world became ruins, the battlefield is out of order, enemies and troubles are everywhere, only the...

Download iOS Action Games Pathfinder Adventures

[iOS] Pathfinder Adventures

Download [iOS] Pathfinder Adventures Pathfinder Adventures, the digital adaptation of Paizo Inc.’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, translates the world’s best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game into an entirely...

Download iOS Action Games Magic Duels

[iOS] Magic Duels

Download [iOS] Magic Duels MORE CARDS. MORE STRATEGY. BIGGER STORY. Play with 1,300+ cards, battle in 60+ single-player campaign missions, and emerge victorious in epic online...

Download iOS Action Games Fire Emblem Heroes

[iOS] Fire Emblem Heroes

Download [iOS] Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 25 years, continues its journey on smart...

Download Android Action Games Alpha Guns 2

[Android] Alpha Guns 2

Download [Android] Alpha Guns 2 Our Hero Max is back, the long-awaited sequel of Alpha guns is here with a lot more exciting levels including various...

Download Android Action Games Gun Club 2

[Android] Gun Club 2

Download [Android] Gun Club 2 Welcome to GUN CLUB 2 — the most feature rich, graphically intense & technically accurate gun simulator — and it’s finally...